بسم الله الرحمٰن الرحيم

Assalaamu Alaikum

List of Websites those are misleading the Muslims and non-Muslims about Islam by providing/offering FAKE Quran, Ahadith, Verses, Surah’s, and other maertials of islam …The list may not be complete all the time, as growing of internet and websites against Islam,but We are trying our best to publish the complete list of sites as soon as We Discover such sites/links.

List of Fake sites &  Anti-Islamic sites : :

New Addition :



40 thoughts on “FAKE ISLAMIC WEBSITES”

  1. Asallamu-Allaykum:
    Mashallah this is very good islamic website….You should expose those fake websites which are conveying wrong information about Islam to others.

    • JAZAKA-ALLAH for doing termendus work ,to inform innocent muslims …..please doing in future also continue……beware of jewesh and cross

  2. Shoeb Momin said:

    Siraj bhai,
    Mashallah very vital information.
    I like ur posts on SF.
    Pls fwd ur email I’d

  3. Jazakullah Allah Az wa jal aap ko jaza e khair de ag

  4. as salaam

    good job

    plz post islamic links and website which are authentic

    find them at


    and all dawah stuff u need that too in english language

  5. Jenny Meetington said:

    It is rather interesting for me to read the blog. Thanks for it. I like such topics and anything connected to this matter. I would like to read a bit more on that blog soon.

  6. JazakAllah for the list. Great job!

  7. As’Salam Alaikum WR WB 🙂

    add this one to your list of fake sites:


  8. Muslim brother said:

    Brother you forgot two more:

    http://www.alislam.org/ (Ahmadis)


    http://www.al-islam.org (shia)

  9. Asalamu ‘alaykum! JazakAllah khayr, thank you for this list! I’m disappointed that it’s super long and that there are many people out there that actually waste their time trying to put down someone else’s lifestyle. But qgaain, thank you! And unfortunately, I have another one to add:
    They say they are here to give the “truth” about Islam, when what I have read is completely false and appalling. They say that Muslimahs are seen as dogs to men and that rape is permitted in Islam. They also say the Prophet Muhammed SAW was a pedophile and had more wives than he was supposed to. Last but definitely not least, they say that every Muslimah uses breastfeeding to make every man or boy a mahram =( Please add this site to your list. Salam =)

  10. N.Falastiniyeh said:

    Beautiful site! Jazakum Allah Kheir.
    It is sad to see such a long list of fake Islamic sites, but too bad as much as people try to “expose” Islam as a religion of hate people seem to be embracing it by the hundreds at a time. Alhamdulilah. I give props to all the brothers spreading da3wah. I myself love educating people about Islam and I hope Allah increases our Iman. Ameen
    May Allah bless all the Muslims. We must unite, we are all bros/sisters.

  11. salam

    These are the salafi sites which i have come across.

    They are

    http://www.islamqa.com(salih al munajjid website)

  12. As salam alekum,

    It’s really a great piece of information for all Muslims, please be careful to fake Islamic sites, they are providing wrong & incorrect information to us… It’s hard to identified but try to identity with registrar name, that who is registered that domain first…It may be helpful …

    Good Job Siraj….!!!!

  13. mashallah……………………..

  14. ahmadonline said:

    jazak Allah khair for the info

  15. Muslim brother said:


  16. Md. Jobbar Khan said:

    Thank u for right information

  17. Shuib Mohmmad said:

    Thanks for Providing information about fake Islamic websites,we should inform all our Muslim brothers about these sites,we will not allow the enemies of Islam to propegate wrong information about Islam…Curse on Them..Allah-U-Akbar.

  18. This list is somewhat a double edged sword. Good to warn of these jahili like kafirs, but at the same time, you are exposing ignorant Muslims to non-beneficial knowledge that could cause them fitna in their faith.

    I highly advise that unless you are well read in Seerah, Fiqh, Aqida, and History, not to visit any of these sites. Whats unfortunate, is that these things are Fard 3ayn which every muslim should know, but are lacking there in. If you don’t have these basics down, now is a very good time to start.

    Start here:

    sunnipath.com, seekersguidance.com

    Seerah will convince you of the absolute rustworthiness of the Prophet Muhammad, and His honorable companions.

    Fiqh will help you understand what is and isnt Islam. I.E the different between what scholars of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ understand as being Sharia, and what vigilante muslims with no prerequisite knowledge interpret as being Sharia.

    Aqida will convince you that Islamic theology, our belief system is the purest and most rational theology that exists. Once one has a foundation in this, all of the arguments christians, atheists, orientalists, right wing nuts, amongst others will have little weight, since the basis of their own beliefs is lacking and flawed.

    History will allow you to put those “controversial” issues into their proper historical context, rather than applying it to 21st century atheist western culture.

    • Thanks lots brother,
      The points you mentionned are indeed true, those are designe in such way that it can even misguide a weak faith muslim, who is lacking knowledge about the deen. And sadly today you ll find muslim brother and sisters with mba,PHD holder however they don’t know anything about theit deen and islamic knowledge so please instead of visiting the fake site rather investe ur effort and energy to learn the truth sunnipath and my best advice is to always go seek knowlege from,ulama and scolar not site and speaker.
      May Allah protects us. Remember in ur dua.

  19. Thanks for the links!

    Jezak Allah Kheir

  20. Hello,
    We present our site

    Have a look to

    (which is the improvment of the other islam-documents.com, once based in Tunisia).

    There is thousands of texts (around 20 000) about the origins of islam, with a critical, humanist, democratic and scientific view (and even ironical). It is now the bigger “sourcebook” on that subject, with often unpublished documents: Muhammad biographies (SIRA), the main books of traditions (HADITH) , muslim chronicles (TABARI…), companions biographies (TABAQAT), quranic verses, quranic commentaries (TAFSIR). It is sometimes funny, or stupid, ugly, frightening, but always interesting!

    A new version is now available, improved and corrected: around 3700 pages. We are working for a new version published every year.

  21. Islam is d only one

  22. Haashalillah! May almighty ALLAH protect us..

  23. Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

    Imho,brothers and sisters who use WOT(i.e an addon for most of the web browsers) should give all the sites listed above with an extreme bad rating.

    That way the people who does not know this site and the list of fake websites will come to know that the site their are visiting is untrusted and fake.

    Imho brother siraaj i think you should advertise wot or give advice to every muslim about USING THE ADDON KNOWN AS WOT.

    That way the chances of spreading the info will get double.


  25. Alhamdulillah.atlast we’ve found a website that exposes fake websites

  26. muhammad taufik said:

    Islam is the only accepted deen and the FAKE ones always uncovered

  27. Zakariyya Musa said:

    Asslamu alaikum. Warahma-tullahi wabarakatuhu !
    I am from Nigeria

  28. jzakullah Allah blessed you

  29. Abdullateef kolawole Amusat said:

    Assalamaleikum waramatullah wabarakatuh.All adoration b 2 Allah,d lord of al-lamin.I want 2 use dis opotunity 2 infom d anti-islam dat Islam is d true religion of Allah & He (Allah) himself protect & safeguide His deen(religion).Therefore let dem stop wastin their time on an unachievable goal of tarnishin Islam.To my muslim brodas, Alhamdulilah 4 being a muslim.

  30. All these websites are exposing TRUE islam as the evil cult it is

  31. mushofa said:

    Jazakallahu khairan katsiran

  32. Abdullateef kolawole Amusat said:

    Salamu‘aleikum waramatulah wabarakatuh. Alhamdulilah robil‘alamin wo as given us life dis mornin afta death.may He continue 2 guide islam & we muslims frm d hands of dis anti-islam.

  33. That many fake websites? Shaitan is always with us.
    May Allahswa reward you for exposing them.

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