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Assalaamu Alaikum,

As we all know that Islam is based on five pillars and in fact, fasting is one among them. Fasting has been made obligatory (Fardh) By Allah in Ramadan and every Muslim needs to observe entire month’s fasts. Allah, the All Powerful and Creator of Universe say in Holy Quran;

O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that ye may (learn) self-restraint [2:183] 

Benefits of Fasting in Ramadan

But, you may know that, as a human being or call “materialistic world’s lovers”, we have a habit that we want to know benefits, advantage or “plus” points before we do anything.

For example, if we say to someone to start any business, let say egg business. The first question raised by him or her will be:

“What’s the profit in doing this business?”

“What’s the turnover?”

“What’s the return?”

This same mentality has been transferred from worldly activities or religious activities. Muslims wants to know benefits of good deeds. However, each and every portion of religion has benefits attached to them, in world as well as hereafter.

After all, knowing the benefits of good deeds will increase our Imaan and actually it is part of the Imaan, as we will get to know what Allah is going give us on this particular deed in this world and hereafter. This helps us in performing the good deeds steadfastly and consistently.

So I will first mention the hereafter’s benefits of fasting so that you can be observe fasts without any worries Inshallah.

Hereafter Benefits of Fasting:

  1. Allah will be pleased with you.
  2. You will enter paradise.
  3. Your rank and status will increase.
  4. Almighty Allah will himself give you the reward of fasting.
  5. You will enter in Paradise from Ar-Rayyan, a specially designated gate for people, who fast.
  6. You will be saved from the fire of hell.
  7. All your sins will be forgiven by Allah.
  8. The supplications of the fasting persons will be answered in the month of Ramadan.
  9. Fasting is expiation for various sins.
  10. The fasting person will be among the true followers of the prophets and the martyrs.
  11. Fasting is a shield against one’s base desires.
  12. Rancor from you heart will get removed.

Worldly benefits of Fasting:

  1. Burns and reduces fat.
  2. Promotes detoxification.
  3. Rests digestive system.
  4. Heals inflammatory diseases, ailments and allergies.
  5. Reduces blood sugar.
  6. Reduction in blood pressure.
  7. Rapid weight loss.
  8. Promotes healthy lifestyle.
  9. Boosts immunity level
  10. Assists in quitting severe addictions.

So, these are some of the benefits of fasting, which will help you gain rank in the eyes of Allah. Allah says in Holy Quran,

The most honored by Allah amongst you are those best in piety (Taqwa).”[49:13]

Since, we are going to fast for the entire month we should purify our intentions that we are just fasting for the sake of Allah. Pure intentions will increase the weight of your good deed several thousand times and verily, Allah will only see intentions. Allah says in Holy Quran,

Their flesh and their blood (of the sacrifices of cows, goats or camels) reach not Allah, but your piety (and internal aspirations towards Allah) reaches Him. [Al-Hajj 22: 37]

 Abu Hurairah Radiyallahu ‘anhu narrates that Rasulullah Sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam said: Indeed Allah does not look at your faces and possessions, but He looks at your hearts and your deeds. (Muslim)

Note: It means the decision of Allah’s pleasure will not be based upon your faces and possessions, but upon your hearts and deeds as to how much sincerity was in your heart.

So, you may have understood that benefits of good deeds are just for encouragement and inspiration.

What really matters is the Allah’s consent and nothing else. So, cleanse your intentions that you are going to fast only to please Allah and gain piety.

So, Are you ready for Ramadan 2013?

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