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This video is the collection of Interesting facts about Islam selected from thousands. For better understanding, each fact is provided with image in background. The video contains 10 interesting facts.

Excerpts of the Video

(1) How many Hajj does Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) performed?
(2) Who built the First Mosque/Masjid of Islam & where?
(3) Who recited Holy Quran first in Holy kaba’h after Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)?
(4) Who memorized the entire Holy Quran after Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)?
(5) How did imam Bukhari ( Famous Collector of Hadith) collected Hadith?
(6) Does Muslims worship Kaaba?
(7) Which Prophet’s nation is largest?
(8) Do Muslims follow Lunar or Solar Calender?
(9) Who gave the idea of digging Trench during the famous Battle of khandaq?
(10) Find out the 10 Companions of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) who was promised Paradise during their lifetime.

I want feedback about this video, so that I can make it easier to understand the concept  further more.