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There was once a rich merchant in Baghdad who had four wives. His fourth wife was the one he loved the most he gave her beautiful clothes and diamonds. He also took great care of her and gave her nothing but the best.This man also loved his third wife a lot. He was proud of her and would show here off to his friends and relatives. However he was always afraid that he may run away with a younger and more handsome man. He also loved his second wife a lot. A middle aged lady who was very clever. She was a very patient and considerate women and was helping the merchant in his trade. She would always help him with problems. Now his first wife . By now frail and neglected loved him but he did not love her. She was his loyal partner when he was not rich. She used to help him with his household work and business work but he never took notice of her.

One day the merchant fell seriously ill he knew his death was nearing and said “I have four wives when I die, I will be alone. how lonely I will be.” So he asked his wives to sit by his side. He asked his fourth wife to accompany him in the grave. She said “No way” He asked his third. Then came the same reply as the fourth. But she said she would arrange a good funeral for him. Then came the second. He posed the same question. She said she could only accompany him to his grave. Then he heard a weak and frail voice, his first wife. She said she would accompany him in the grave. He was greatly grieved and said “I should have taken care of you better”.

We all have four wives. Our fourth is our body. We can keep it healthy and make it look nice but it wont help us in the grave. The third is our wealth it will only buy us this world not the next. Our second is our family and friends, they can only take us to our grave and leave us there. Our first is our Soul. it will only help us if its been showered with good deeds.