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My dear brothers and sisters, Have you ever thought about standing in front of Allah Ta’ala on the day of Judgment waiting for our Book and our Questioning?

It is said that we will be shivering like a little lamb in front of Allah Ta’ala and on this day and the Almighty will be Angry like never before. On this day the Ambiya, the infallible Prophets, the best of people will be tensed, so what will be our state be on that day?!!

Most of us have passed through the scenario I am about to mention when we were young. While studying in school sometimes we have a really bad exam and after a few weeks the day that we get the report card, the teacher is calling names to give the report card. Our hearts will be beating like anything and we will be tensed in anticipation. Once we get the report card, then we are more tensed on how to show the bad marks to our parents while we reach home.

It is a similar situation on Yawm Al qiyamah, we will be waiting for our ‘report card’ which will have ALL our actions in it, and the thought of Allah Ta’ala questioning us will be so dreadful that a mother won’t even recognize her own child.!

We know all this is coming up, yet we are in a state of heedlessness. We keep on sinning and sinning, our hypocrisy is too much. Please spend a few minutes sitting alone, contemplating about that dreadful day that even the Prophets will be shivering. Perhaps we might change our way for the sake of Allah 

O Allah save us from the trails of Yawm Al Qiyamah.
Give us the book in the right hand and make the reckoning easy for all of us.