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Assalaamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

Sorry friends! It’s been approx. 6 months; I haven’t updated my blog because I was really busy with religious as well as worldly activities. Otherwise, I would’ve never left you people. A lot of people were just hopping around the blog for new content, but they were disappointed.

Again, sorry friends. However, I will try to blog now regularly and bring you some of the most interesting and valuable Islamic information.

I was usually sharing authentic content from other legitimate sources written by renowned Islamic Scholars, but now, Inshallah, I will be writing on general and important topics, which is need of the era.

There is already a great divide in Ummah! So, this is the time to unite them under one banner. I know, it’s difficult, but we should always have a good and noble intention.

Islamic Khilafah


Off course, our efforts will be a mere drop in an ocean, but that drop, if done with sincerity & Ikhlaas will be enough for us to get saved from the wrath of Allah in this dirty dunya and qiyamah (day of judgment). If Allah is pleased with us then we will live happily in everlasting, eternal, never-ending Jannah (Akhirah).

Moreover, since Ramadan is just in front of our eyes, it will be good to make some serious goals and stick to it.

Muslim main aim

But, wait!!! Which goals?

“I doesn’t know any goals?”

“Which goals are you talking about?”

“My main goal is in this world is to live luxurious life, have a beautiful bungalow, drive in expensive cars, have a six figure job,blaw, blaw blaw, …..”And the list will never end. Only the soil of grave will end our wishes.

Oh Allah! Save us from the torment of death and grave. (Ameen)

Yes, my brothers and sisters, today! the main concern is that Muslims have forgotten their main aim.

Why we’ve born?

What we need to do?

What is our Maqsad?

What is our aim?

We are thinking that we are going to live permanently in this filthy and unrealistic world.

This is what I call

“Pure insanity “

“”Pure foolishness”

“Pure stupidity”

“Pure senselessness”

We are the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), the greatest and noblest of prophets, who loved to live thirsty, hungry and accepted poverty for sake of this Ummah, but his Ummah has completely forgotten his (peace be upon him) teachings and sunnahs, which are inspiring, heart touching, beautiful and easy to practice.

Jews, Christians, Hindus, atheist, and many other non-muslims are getting motivated by Prophet Muhammad’s teachings (peace be upon him) and getting reverted to Islam.

And we, who call ourselves,

“Ummate Muhammadiya”

“Ashiqe Rasool ”


“ Believers, are totally unaware of his sunnahs, teachings and message. This is really pure insanity.

Majority of Ummah doesn’t know Kalima Shahadah, let alone basic teachings of Ghusl, Wudhu, Salah, Zakah, etc. Even, if they know, they cannot spell the Arabic properly.

How we are living our lives? Sorry friends for being so outburst in my first appearance.

This is the state of Ummah.

But, this is reality, bitter reality.  yes, I know, it’s difficult to digest.

But, we need to face these issues and solve them.

It’s OUR responsibility, It’s MY responsibility, Its YOUR responsibility.

Ummah is thirsty. Umah needs you.

We need to stand up and give them support to walk on their legs.

I think, you are ready.

So, Inshallah, I will be covering these  topics, I don’t think, I need to further elaborate my intentions and goals in writing articles myself. Every piece of work will surely help you to get motivated, get inspired and move forward in living life Islamically.  Remember just being Muslim is not enough, what matters most is at the time of death,

Whether you die on Iman or Kufr.

Iman or Kufr

So, our battle with Nafs and Shaitan is for lifetime. However, this post is getting bigger than what I planned to write.

By the way, I forget to mention about our aim. However, I will cover that in next post.

Till then, Allah hafiz.

Don’t just read and forget, try to implement Islam in our daily lives and return again to my blog for further new inspirational and Imaan refreshing articles.

This is what matters before Almighty Allah, who is Creator, Sustainer and All-Powerful.

Wa Akhiru Da’wana Anil Hamdu Lillahi Rabbbil Alameen.