By Maulana Makki Al-Hijazi ( Complete 24 Parts)

Islam Best Religion

Maulana is the imam of one of the masjid’s in Mecca. He is a very knowledgeable scholar whose talks inspire many. In this series Maulana shows his expertise in Islamic history as he takes us through the lives and works of a number of prolific Prophets of Allah Ta’aala. I recommend all to listen to the whole 24 parts in this series.

Part: 1

Part: 2

Part: 3

Part: 4

Part: 5

Part: 6

Part: 7

Part: 8



Part: 11

Part: 12

Part: 13

Part: 14

Part: 15

Part: 16

Part: 17

Part: 18

Part: 19

Part: 20

Part: 21

Part: 22

Part: 23

Part: 24

1 thought on “QASAS UL AMBIYA”

  1. K Syed Ghouse said:

    As salamu alaikum

    Really it is great and interesting and worth listening and preserving to hear again and again. Pl enlighten me with the knowledge of islam in the simplest way possible through email. Thank you.

    Yours truly
    K Syed Ghouse

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