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Tongi Ijtema 2012

Bishwa Ijtema*, a large gathering of all Muslims from around the world, is at the door step by the Grace of Allah Taala. It is to be held on two phases, in Tongi, Dhaka. This is indeed a very amazing effort to make the whole Ummah rise up through carrying out a prime responsibility – the work of Dawah – inviting people toward Islam and Iman only for the satisfaction of Allah Taala . People, who are unaware of the objective and goal of this gathering, often wrongly interpret its mission and vision. Any comment, interpretation or news should be published or disclosed prior knowing the fact. Unfortunately, many Muslims also have no idea what goes on in the Ijtema ground, but they dare to make a comment and even conclude up to various points about it. May Allah Taala save all from making such utterance.

This post is not in view to discuss detail on Bishwa Ijtema. We hope to write and publish its history, objective and mission in future – Inshaallah. May Allah Taala provide Tawfeeq! Aameen.

The major Ijtema activity is to address and remind the whole Ummah (followers) of the final Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam – why had they been sent to this world, what is the purpose of life (individually and collectively), where are they heading toward (in terms of world and the afterlife) and what are their major responsibilities, both as human beings and the final Ummah. The message that is conveyed, shared and disseminated through the Jaamats, which spread all over the world right after the Ijtema, is indeed nothing new comparing to the message transmitted more than 1400 years ago by the final Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam sent down in Makkah (and later migrated to Madina).

At Ijtema, pious scholars address the large gathering, and in a nutshell they remind the audience of a great warning, which Islam have always been conveying; the whole Ummah is urged to get prepared under the shelter of the Creator, Sustainer and Master of this Universe. The road map of success in Islam is said to be nothing, but the guidance of the Holy Quran and AHadith, which the pious scholars deliver in the three day long Ijtema Discourses. In every discourse it is emphasized that Islam is the life-solution for both this world and the hereafter. There is no peace and salvation without obeying the divine commandments, which the final Prophet had been provided with.

May Allah Taala give us tawfeeq to attend the Biswha Ijtema and listen, think on the points which are essential to attain success all through. If not possible physically, at least dua for the  acceptance of this gathering should be carried on by all of us, because any gathering in view to promote Deen for the cause of Allah Taala is a means of Hedayat – Righteous Path; through dua we are participating in this noble work indirectly.


*Ijtema is not only held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, but all over the world. The purpose, objective and vision are all the same.

Source: Tongi Ijtema