Do you want to DIE as a Muslim or Non-Muslim? It’s your choice!


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What’s Your Purpose of Being a Muslim?

Are You Going To Waste Your Precious Life Like Others Do?

Just watch around your room, you will find tube light or light bulb spreading light all over your room. It is fulfilling its aim i.e. providing light and when it is burned out, what will you do?

Let it be there, because it has provided light for so many days or you will just throw it in trash.


What will you do?

I know the answer, so you do, we will just throw it in garbage.

Why, because it is of no use. When it was providing light, it was honored be placing overhead and when it failed, there is no point in keeping it in your home.

That the same situation with this Ummah.

Allah doesn’t need our worship, but the matter of fact is we need Allah.

When Ummah was sticking to their aim, Allah honored them and made Super Power and

when we slipped in our aim, we are being crushed beneath the slippers. Isn’t it?


My dear Friends, we are born to obey the commands of Allah and follow the footsteps of our Noble Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Allah says in Holy Quran,

And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me. [51:56]

We are Muslims and believers, Alhamdulillah! Allah has bestowed mercy upon us by making us born in Muslims homes.  Otherwise, one can’t imagine where we would have been?

Life is not just about earning money, building mansions or palaces, riding in luxurious cars, acquiring power or recognition. But, life is to submit our will to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.

The two words, Islam and Muslim, come from the same root word “sa-la-ma,” which means to submit and surrender. So, Islam means surrender to Allah and Muslim means a person, who submits to the will of Allah, or a follower of Islam.


Just ponder, Allah, the creator and sustainer of this world has chosen us for being Muslim because Allah wants us to succeed in this filthy world as well as eternal Akhirah (Hereafter). Every prophet made maximum efforts for saving mankind from the fire of hell and invited towards Islam.

In Holy Quran, Prophet Yaqoob (peace be upon him) advised his sons.

And this was the legacy that Abraham left to his sons,

and so did Jacob; “Oh my sons! Allah hath chosen the Faith for you;

then die not except in the Faith of Islam.” [2:132]

At another place in Holy Quran, Allah says,

The Religion before Allah is Islam (submission to His Will). [3:19]

Allah will never ever accept any other religion, culture, traditions, philosophy, ethics, principles, values, beliefs, viewpoints, ideology, creed, dogma, faith, and way of life, other than ISLAM, what was preached by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

The main stigma of today is, Muslims have become content with their faith and deeds, ( Allah knows best, what is the state of our faith and good deeds)? Furthermore, we doesn’t want to progress, and live life as the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Some have been content with their faith by just being offering 5 times salah or 4 times or 3 times or 2 times or 1 time and some time, not even one prayer. When we go out in Dawah, we meet some people, who have never gone to Masjid in their lifetime and yet they call them Muslims.

Some have been content with their faith by just giving Zakah (alms) every year.

Some have been content with their faith by just performing Hajj or Umrah once in a lifetime.

Some have been content with their faith by just offering Jumuah Salah or Eid prayers.

Some have been content with their faith & deeds

by just observing fasts of Ramadan.

This is not the Islam. By holding one pillar of Islam and leaving others will not be accepted by Allah on the Day of judgment. Allah wants complete deen. Allah says in Holy Quran,

O ye who believe! Believe in Allah and His Messenger,

and the scripture which He hath sent to His Messenger and

the scripture which He sent to those before (him).

Any who denieth Allah, His angels, His Books, His Messengers, and

the Day of Judgment, hath gone far, far astray. [4:36]

We need to become true and complete Muslims as were the Sahabah (May Allah be Pleased with them all). Allah was pleased with them . They were also humans like us and they didn’t come from any other planet. We have to make Sahabah as our role models because they do have family, business, happiness, misery, friends, foes, etc. But, they remained steadfast and committed in accomplishing the orders of Allah and following the noble sunnahs of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Read Hayatus Sahabah, book that will refresh your Imaan and help you remain steadfast in your entire lifetime.

Hayatus Sahabah

There are four categories of Muslims living in this world.

  1. Born as Muslim and died in the state of being Muslim
  2. Born as Non-Muslim and died in the state of being Muslim
  3. Born as Non-Muslim and died in the state of being Non-Muslim
  4. Born as Muslim and died in the state of being Non-Muslim

The first two categories are successful people, who will be dwellers of beautiful and inexpressible Paradise.  Leave the third category.  The most matters, is fourth category. Just imagine the state of these people on the day of Judgment.

They were born in Muslim homes.

They were called by Muslim names.

They lived in Muslim family.

They prayed with Muslims in Mosques.

They were friends of Muslims.


They were in the lines of Kuffar on the Day of Judgment.

Just imagine the disgrace, humility and shame on them on the Qiyamah!

Oh Allah! Save us from the torment of Qiyamah and make us in the people of jannah. Aameen

My dear friends,

No one can guarantee how they will die? Whether in the state of Imaan (faith) or kufr? Allah knows best!

So, this is serious matter and everyone should ponder on their life and learn to obey Allah’s orders and implement Rasoolullah’s beautiful sunnahs.

islam best religion

Ramadan is coming and we have be prepared. We prepare for our relative’s marriage for months or years.

So, Inshallah! my next post will be based on how to be prepared and utilize each and every moment of Ramadan and please Allah.

Till then, Allah hafiz


I am Back! First Post in 2013


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Assalaamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

Sorry friends! It’s been approx. 6 months; I haven’t updated my blog because I was really busy with religious as well as worldly activities. Otherwise, I would’ve never left you people. A lot of people were just hopping around the blog for new content, but they were disappointed.

Again, sorry friends. However, I will try to blog now regularly and bring you some of the most interesting and valuable Islamic information.

I was usually sharing authentic content from other legitimate sources written by renowned Islamic Scholars, but now, Inshallah, I will be writing on general and important topics, which is need of the era.

There is already a great divide in Ummah! So, this is the time to unite them under one banner. I know, it’s difficult, but we should always have a good and noble intention.

Islamic Khilafah


Off course, our efforts will be a mere drop in an ocean, but that drop, if done with sincerity & Ikhlaas will be enough for us to get saved from the wrath of Allah in this dirty dunya and qiyamah (day of judgment). If Allah is pleased with us then we will live happily in everlasting, eternal, never-ending Jannah (Akhirah).

Moreover, since Ramadan is just in front of our eyes, it will be good to make some serious goals and stick to it.

Muslim main aim

But, wait!!! Which goals?

“I doesn’t know any goals?”

“Which goals are you talking about?”

“My main goal is in this world is to live luxurious life, have a beautiful bungalow, drive in expensive cars, have a six figure job,blaw, blaw blaw, …..”And the list will never end. Only the soil of grave will end our wishes.

Oh Allah! Save us from the torment of death and grave. (Ameen)

Yes, my brothers and sisters, today! the main concern is that Muslims have forgotten their main aim.

Why we’ve born?

What we need to do?

What is our Maqsad?

What is our aim?

We are thinking that we are going to live permanently in this filthy and unrealistic world.

This is what I call

“Pure insanity “

“”Pure foolishness”

“Pure stupidity”

“Pure senselessness”

We are the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), the greatest and noblest of prophets, who loved to live thirsty, hungry and accepted poverty for sake of this Ummah, but his Ummah has completely forgotten his (peace be upon him) teachings and sunnahs, which are inspiring, heart touching, beautiful and easy to practice.

Jews, Christians, Hindus, atheist, and many other non-muslims are getting motivated by Prophet Muhammad’s teachings (peace be upon him) and getting reverted to Islam.

And we, who call ourselves,

“Ummate Muhammadiya”

“Ashiqe Rasool ”


“ Believers, are totally unaware of his sunnahs, teachings and message. This is really pure insanity.

Majority of Ummah doesn’t know Kalima Shahadah, let alone basic teachings of Ghusl, Wudhu, Salah, Zakah, etc. Even, if they know, they cannot spell the Arabic properly.

How we are living our lives? Sorry friends for being so outburst in my first appearance.

This is the state of Ummah.

But, this is reality, bitter reality.  yes, I know, it’s difficult to digest.

But, we need to face these issues and solve them.

It’s OUR responsibility, It’s MY responsibility, Its YOUR responsibility.

Ummah is thirsty. Umah needs you.

We need to stand up and give them support to walk on their legs.

I think, you are ready.

So, Inshallah, I will be covering these  topics, I don’t think, I need to further elaborate my intentions and goals in writing articles myself. Every piece of work will surely help you to get motivated, get inspired and move forward in living life Islamically.  Remember just being Muslim is not enough, what matters most is at the time of death,

Whether you die on Iman or Kufr.

Iman or Kufr

So, our battle with Nafs and Shaitan is for lifetime. However, this post is getting bigger than what I planned to write.

By the way, I forget to mention about our aim. However, I will cover that in next post.

Till then, Allah hafiz.

Don’t just read and forget, try to implement Islam in our daily lives and return again to my blog for further new inspirational and Imaan refreshing articles.

This is what matters before Almighty Allah, who is Creator, Sustainer and All-Powerful.

Wa Akhiru Da’wana Anil Hamdu Lillahi Rabbbil Alameen.


2012 in review:


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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. This blog was viewed about 150,000 times in 2012. If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 8 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

The Amazing Story of an English Spy at Darul Uloom Deoband, 1875.


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A cornucopia of arts, science, mathematics, guns, languages, and what not! Its a long read but a brilliant one, really worth the time.


The time when the Dar al-Ulum, Deoband was established only nine years had passed over the fight for freedom of A. D. 1857.

Since the common Muslims and the elders at the Dar al-Ulum had taken up arms and ranked against the English in this fight for freedom, the English government was very much antagonistic to the Muslims, suspicious of and ill-disposed towards them.

The Muslims activities and movements were being kept under strict surveillance. 

On this account a series of investigations, secret and open, in respect of the Dar al-Ulum continued for a long time. As such, in 1291 / 1875, the governor of Uttar Pradesh (formerly, the United Provinces), Sir John Strachey, sent a trusted man of his, John Palmer, to visit the Dar al-Ulum with the purpose of making secret investigations and report about the objective behind the establishment of the Dar al-Ulum and about the thought and activity the Muslims Ulamah [a term used for Scholars] were engaged in under the cover of this institution.

The report that John Palmer prepared and the impressions that he gathered, he has described in detail in a letter that he wrote to a friend.

The interesting and scholarly manner in which John Palmer has expressed his observations and impressions, comparing the educational condition of the Dar al-Ulum with the English universities, helps a good deal in understanding the educational position of the Dar al-Ulum. This incident occurred during the incipience of the existence of the Dar al-Ulum.

It can be estimated from this as to what the educational standard of the Dar al-Ulum has been from the very beginning.

While this letter consists of details of the Dar al-Ulum’s educational and some other particulars as well as review and criticism, it also brings forth an interesting album of the Dar al-Ulum’s features and its educational peculiarities, based on very profound impressions from the pen of a man,who had had an adverse view-point.

Hence it seems apt that the whole text of the letter is reproduced here.

In a tour with the Lt Governor of the western and northern provinces I happened to stay at Deoband on January 30, 1875. The Governor told me:

“The Muslims here, at Deoband, have started a madrasah against the government. Go there incognito and find out what is taught there and what the Muslims are after”.

Accordingly, on Sunday, 31st January, I reached the habitation. The village is quite clean, the inhabitants are courteous and pious but are poor and miserable.

Making enquiries, I reached the madrasah. Having reached there, I saw a large room in which boys were sitting on a palm-mat with books open before them, and an older boy was sitting in their midst. I asked the boys who their teacher was? One boy pointed out and then I came to know that the fellow sitting in the middle was himself the teacher. [1]

I wondered what kind of teacher he might be.

I asked him, “What do your boys read?”

“Persian is taught here”, he replied.

When I proceeded from here, a man of medium height but very handsome was sitting at one place, with a row of older boys before him. Approaching near, I heard that the science of triangle was being discussed.

It was my guess that considering me to be a stranger they would be startled, but no one paid any attention to me at all.

I went near, sat down and began to hear the teacher’s lecture.

My astonishment knew no bounds when I saw that such strange and difficult theorems of the science of triangles were being expounded that I had never heard even from Dr. Sprenger.

Rising from there when I went to a courtyard. I saw that students, wearing ordinary clothes, were sitting before a Maulvi (Honorific Islamic religious title given to Sunni Muslim religious scholars or Ulamah). Here the variants of the second figure of the sixth article of Euclid were being stated and the Maulvi was speaking off-hand in such a way that it appeared as though Euclid’s soul had entered his body?. [2]

I was agape with wonder.

Meanwhile, the Maulvi sahib asked the students such a difficult question on the first grade of equation from Todd Hunter’s Algebra that I was in a sweat at my own knowledge of mathematics and I was astounded.

Some students solved it correctly.

From here I reached a third courtyard. One Maulvi [3] was teaching a thick tome of Hadith and was all smiles while lecturing.

Climbing a staircase from here, I reached the 1st floor. There were elegant houses on its three sides and in the centre was a small courtyard in which two blind men were chattering.

In order to hear what they were saying, I went near stealthily.

I came to know that they were committing to memory some lesson from a book of astronomy. Meanwhile one blind man said to the other: “Brother! In yesterday’s lesson I could not understand the bridal figure properly. If you have understood it, please explain it to me”.

The other fellow first stated the claim and then proceeded to prove it by drawing lines on his palm and when their mutual discussion was going on, I was wondering, bringing before my eyes the scene of Principal Breggar’s lecture.

Getting up from there I went to a 5 doored room. Small children sitting very respectfully before the teacher were reading books of grammar. In Class III a traditional science was being taught.

I came down by another stair-case. I was under the impression that the madrasah was only this much. By chance I met a man and sought confirmation of my impression from him. He said: “No. The Holy Quran is taught at another place”. When I asked him where?, he took me to the mosque.

     In the courtyard of the mosque, many small children were reading the Quran before a sightless Hafiz. [4] 

The Hafiz caught hold of a small child and thrashed him mercilessly. The child shrieked. I told my guide that it was an oppression to exact such hard work from small children. He laughed and said:

Apparently it is an oppression, but in fact it is affection. To habituate children from the very beginning with hard work is the very essence of wisdom and in their interest and is very much needed to overcome the hardships to be encountered in future life. Nowadays only this thing of courage and tail has remained among the Muslims and it is because of this that some shattered pieces of Islam still remain with them”.

I said that “Last year I had seen in newspaper [5] that four students had been awarded ‘the turban of proficiency’. Is any one of them present here?”.

“Yes”, he said, “there is one, come along with me and I will introduce you to him”. He took me to a house where a young man was sitting. A thick book was lying before him and ten to twelve students were sitting and reading. Two guns were also lying on one side. I saluted him and he responded with utmost courtesy. I asked him,

“Was the turban of proficiency tied on your head last year”?

“It is”, he replied, “my teachers favor”. 

“What’s this book”? I asked him.

“It is”, he said. “a technical book in the Arabic language. The manager of a press has sent it for translation. Its remuneration has been settled at Rs. 1000/-, I have been translating it for three months and nearly three-fourth of it is finished. The remaining, if it please Allah, will be completed in a month”.

“How are these guns here”? I asked.

He said:

“I am fond of hunting. From seven to ten I teach, from eleven to one I go on hunting and from two to five I translate”.

I asked: “Why don’t you take up same service”? 

He said: “God gives me Rs 250/- per month while I sit at home. Why should I then serve?” [6]

Rising up from here I came to the library. The librarian, welcoming me, showed me the catalogue of books.

I was amazed. There was no subject on which a book was not there.

He showed me another register. It was a muster-roll for the students and was written in a very neat hand. Out of the 210 students on the roll, 208 were present.

I was about to get up when a young man with an incipient beard came and, having saluted, sat down. I asked him who he was.

He said: “I am the vice-chancellor”.  [7]

Then he placed three large registers before me and said: “Please see it; this is the account of income and expenditure for the whole year”.

I saw that the account was written date wise with extreme soundness. From the abstract I learnt that at the end of the last  academic year some money had remained in balance after the expenses.

I wished to have a look at the books but the time was short and evening was about to set in. I was obliged to return.

The results of my investigations are that the people of this place are educated, well behaved and very gentle. There is no necessary subject which is not taught here. The work that is being done in big colleges at the expense of thousands of rupees is being clone here by a Maulvi for forty rupees. There cannot be a better teaching institution than this for the Muslims and I can even go to the extent of saying that it even if a non-Muslim takes education here, it will not be without benefit. I had heard about the existence of a school for the blind in England, but here I saw with mine own eyes two blind men prove mathematical figures on their palms in the way it should be!

I regret that Sir William Muir is not present today otherwise he would have inspected this madrasah with great zest and eagerness and would have given prizes to the students”.


1. He was Maulana Munfi’at Ali Deobandi, teacher of Persian who had been appointed the same year (A.H. 1291 / 1874) after the completion of his education. Initially he served as a Persian teacher and after some years was made Arabic teacher in which capacity he served the Dar al-Ulum till 1318 / 1900.

2. He was Maulana Sayyid Ahmed Dehelvi who was appointed second teacher in A. H. 1285 / 1868 and was made Vice-Chancellor on Maulana Muhammad Yaqub Nanautavi’s demise in A. H. 1302 / 1884. He continued on this post till A. H. 1307 / 1889. He was a matchless scholar of the time in mathematical sciences. Maulana Muhammad Oasim Nanautavi remarks “The Beneficient Lord has endowed Maulavi Sayyid Ahmed with such ability in and affinity with the mathematical arts that the inventors of these sciences too perhaps had had this much only.” (Report for A. H. 1293 / 1876, p. 13).

3. This is a reference probably to Maulana Muhammad Yaqub Nanautavi, the vice-chancellor. From the very inception he had been appointed to this post.  – Sayyid Mahboob Rizvi.

4. That is Hafiz Namdar Khan, a resident of Bassi, District Muzatfarnagar. In the second year of the establishment ot the Dar al-Ulum, when the Quran class was started in 1284 / 1867, he was appointed its teacher and for nearly 55 years i.e till 1339/1920, he taught this class and produced a vast circle of Huffaaz including several teachers of the Dar al-Ulum.

5. This was the earliest stage of the life of the Dar at-Ulum but it seems from John Palmer’s sentence that the conditions and particulars of the Dar al-Ulum were published prominently in the newspapers, which means that even in those incipient days the Dar at-Ulum was deemed to have achieved a central and distinguished position.

6. Most probably he was Shaikh al-Hind. He had completed his studies in 1290/1874 and had been appolnted as teacher without pay in A.H. 1291. Among those who graduated in A. H. 1290 / 1873, Shaikh al Hind alone was an inhabitant of Deoband. And he was very fond of hunting also. It is regrettable that the book under translation referred to by John Palmer could not be traced.

Note: Shaykh al-Hind Maulana Mahmud Hasan [may Allah be pleased with him] is not to be confused with another great Islamic scholar,  Mufti Mahmud al-Hasan popularly referred to with the title ‘Faqeeh ul Ummah’ meaning ‘Jurist of the Muslim community’ who is also a graduate of Deoband.  – Blog author.

7. That is Maulana Rafi al-Din, Vice Chancellor of the Dar al-Ulum from 1284 / 1867 to 1286 / 1869 and again from 1288 / 1871 to 1308 / 1888.

This letter is a translation from the Urdu version of John Palmer’s letter. As a spy he might have known Urdu and Persian well. Unfortunately the compiler of this history. Maulana S. M. Rizwi died of heart failure on 25th March, 1979 otherwise he could have supplied the original English text, if there was any. – Murtaz Husain F. Quraishi, the translator of the book into English.

[Source: Pg. 135, Volume 1, History of Dar al Ulum Deoband, by Sayyid Mahboob Rizvi and translated into English by Prof. Murtaz Husain F. Quraishi]


One Brother Returns 17 Million Saudi Riyals Inheritance To His Brother


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This is the outcome of the fear of Allah and being conscious of accountability in the court of Allah. The following is a must read for all and hope to be a lesson for many in our society—-Mufti Ebrahim Desai.

 Gulf News-Manama: An expatriate working as a street sweeper in Makkah saw his life change in a blink during the Haj season after his estranged brother sought to make amends for wronging him by returning his share of the family fortune.

The Bangladeshi man was sweeping Taneem Street in Makkah when an old man wearing the Ihram cloth of Haj pilgrims crossed the busy road and embraced him warmly much to the perplexity of passersby. However, the sweeper returned the embrace, indicating his familiarity with the older man.

The embrace in fact was between two brothers who had not seen each other for more than five years in the aftermath of a bitter dispute over inheritance rights, Saudi news site Sabq reported. The two men were from a wealthy family in Bangladesh, but the older brother had refused to give his sibling his share of the inheritance estimated at 17 million Saudi riyals (Dh 16.64 million) in cash in addition to several properties.

The older man even managed to have his younger brother sent to prison whenever he asked for his share. The younger brother, disappointed and dejected, opted to leave Bangladesh and work as a sweeper in the holy city of Makkah. As it turns out, the sweeper has become a millionaire in his home country.

He told the people who gathered around him and his brother that he had forgiven his brother who had apologised profusely for mistreating him and that he was ready to return home.

The older man said that he had been diagnosed with cancer and that he was not sure how long he would live.

He reportedly looked for his brother in several places to ask for his forgiveness and make amends for all the years of deprivation he was forced to endure. He even offered financial rewards to whoever could help him locate his brother.

According to the news site, the younger brother said he was ready to forget the past and move forward with his new life. “I will always be kind with the poor and the needy,” he said. “I have learned a lot about deprivation and poverty in the last five years. I will always be fair with everyone after I lived through years of injustice,” he said in Arabic, a language he learned during the time he spent sweeping the streets of Makkah.