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*Minor translation error: It is “sawm e Wisaal” as opposed to “sawm ur Risaal”.

A comprehensive and academic definition of what sunnah is, by Allama Ali Sher Haidri [may Allah fill his grave with noor]. The lecture is in urdu and has been translated in English to make it more accessible to everyone inshallah.

There seems to be much confusion as to what sunnah actually is, some are of the opinion that it is EVERYTHING the prophet done, whilst others think it is something which ONLY the prophet done. Inshallah, the respected Shaykh will clarify this.

Allama Ali Sher Haidri spent his life refuting Shias and was eventually martyred. May Allah give him the highest ranks in Jannah for his work. Maulana Saleemullah Khan said regarding Allama Ali Sher Haidri “yeh tau ilm ka pahar hain” (he is a mountain of knowledge).

Brought to you by the Hanafi fiqh channel.