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Sultan Nasiruddeen was once busy writing a passage of the Qur’an while seated with his ministers. A passer-by, who was not a Haafiz of the Qur’an (had not memorised the Qur’an), came and stood watching him. The passer-by pointed out that the Sultan had repeated a word twice. The Sultan picked up a pen, circled the word and thanked the person. After the person left the Sultan started scraping off the circle he had made. At this the ministers enquired why he had made the circle in the first place since the repetition of the word was not a mistake. The Sultan replied that it was easier to scrape off the mark of the circle made on the paper; the waters of the seven seas would not have been enough to wash off the mark of caused by his tongue if he had told the passer-by in front of all the people that it was he who was mistaken.