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At the approach of the Months of Rajab & Sha’baan With the sighting of the crescent of Rajab, Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) would anticipate and begin preparations for the month of Ramadaan. (2 months in advance) Sayyiduna Anas Ibn Maalik (r.a.) reports that Rasulullah (Sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) would recite the following supplication at the approach of the Month of Rajab:

  Allahumma baarik lanaa fee Rajaba wa Sha’baana wa balligh-naa Ramadaan

Translation: Oh Allah! Grant us Barakah (Blessing) during (the months of) Rajab and Sha’baan, and allow us to reach Ramadaan.

(Shu’abul-Imaan, Ibnu Sunni #660 also see Al-Azhkaar.)

Rajab is the 2nd of the 4 sacred months in the Islamic Calendar which are referred to as: “Al-Ash-hurul hurum” (Surah Tawbah, verse: 36)

(The others are: Zhul-Qa’dah, Zhul-Hijjah and Al-Muharram)

Explaining their significance the ‘Ulamaa mention that during these months, good deeds are more virtuous and evil deeds are more detestable to Almighty Allah. (Lataaiful-Ma’arif, pg.163)

Note: There are no specific types of Salaah etc. that are prescribed for the Month of Rajab. (ibid)

As for Sha’baan, special significance has been mentioned in authentic Ahadith concerning the 15th night. Rasulullah (Sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) is reported to have said: “Certainly Almighty Allah forgives everyone on this night except those who ascribe partners to Him and those who harbor enmity for others”.

(Sahih Ibn Hibbaan #5665, Al- Targheeb,vol.3 pg.459, Majma’uz-zawaaid,vol.8 pg.65 & Lataaiful-Ma’arif, pg.194)

Imaam Shafi’e (r.a.) has stated: “I have heard that du’as are accepted by Almighty Allah on five nights:
1) The night of Jumu’ah,
2 ; 3) The nights of the two ‘Eids,
4) The first night of Rajab,
5) The middle (15th) night of Sha’baan,

(Lataaiful Ma’arif, pg. 196)

Imaam ‘Ataa Ibn Yasaar (r.a.)- a distinguished Tabi’ee- said: “ After Laylatul Qadr, there is no other night more virtuous than the middle (15th) night of Sha’baan .” (Ibid, pg. 197)

Published By: Library and Research Centre, Madrasah Inaamiyyah Camperdown.