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Hadhrat Luqmaan (alaihi salaam) said to his son whilst he was on his deathbed, “Son, Upto now I have given you much advice. Now I am going to give you six more, wherein is hidden all knowledge.

  • Remain occupied in worldly activities as long as you are going to remain alive (No one knows at what age he will die; death can come in the very next minute. For the person who has this perception, how can he ever remain occupied in worldly activities?)
  • Make the Ibaadat of Allaah Ta`ala in proportion to your dependence to Him for your needs. (Our existence, death, the next life, thereafter reckoning, entrance into Jannat and remaining there forever, as a matter of fact, everything thing is dependent upon Allaah Ta`ala. The object is that the slave of Allaah Ta`ala must remain engaged in the Ibaadat of Allaah Ta`ala at all times.)
  • Carry out actions in accordance with the place you desire in the Aakhirah (Who does not desire to have the biggest and best places in the Aakhirah? In proportion, the efforts and striving for it should also be great).
  • As long as you are not saved, make a concerted effort at safeguarding yourself from the Fire of Jahannum. (One will know only after death whether one is successful or not. The object is that one be engaged in good actions for one’s entire life).
  • Continue sinning as long as you have the ability to bear patiently the Punishment of Allaah Ta`ala. (We are not able to bear the punishment of Allaah Ta`ala for even single second. Therefore, we should not sin for even one second).
  • Before carrying out any sin, first seek out such a place where Allaah Ta`ala and His angels are not present. (Whenever you desire to sin, then bear this in mind that Allaah Ta`ala is ever-watching, because there is no place or time where He is not present. This thought will, Insha-Allaah Ta`ala discourage one from sinning).”