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islam best religion

Once when the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him was sitting among His companions, he remarked, “Three things of this world are very beloved to me: perfume, women and Salah- the coolness of my eyes.”

“Quite true,” rejoined Hadhrat Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with Him, and I cherish three things: a look at your face, spending my wealth on you and that my daughter is your wife, O Prophet!”

“Quite true,” said Hadhrat Umar, may Allah be pleased with Him, “And three things I love most are; enforcing that which is right, forbidding evil and wearing old clothes.”

“Quite true,” said Hadhrat Uthman, may Allah be pleased with Him, and the three things I love most are: feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and reciting the Holy Qur’an.”

“Quite true,” said Hadhrat Ali, may Allah be pleased with Him, “And I love three things most: serving a guest, fasting on a very hot day and striking the enemy with my sword.”

At this, Hadhrat Jibreel peace be upon Him, appeared on the scene and said to the prphet peace be upon Him, “Allah SWT has sent me to tell you what I would love if I was one of the mortals.” “Yes, do tell us O’ Jibreel,” said the prophet peace be upon Him.

Hadhrat Jibreel then replied, “If I had been like you, I would have loved three things: guiding the people gone astray, loving those who worship in poverty and helping the poor family men.

And as for Allah SWT, He loves three characteristics of His slaves: Striving in His path, crying at the time of repentance, and steadfastness in need and hunger.”