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Hadrat Bahlool (rahmatullahi alayh) once while walking in the streets of Basrah came upon a group of children playing with walnuts and almonds. Once child was sitting apart and crying. Bahlool thought that the boy was crying because he had no nuts to play with as the others were doing. Bahlool therefore asked:

“Why are you crying? I shall buy some nuts for you. You too can then play.”

Turning to Bahlool, the lad said: “We have not been created for play and amusement.”

Bahlool: “O son for what then have we been created?”

Lad: “To acquire knowledge and to worship Allah Ta’ala.”

Bahlool: “How do you know this? May Allah grant Barkat in your age.”

Lad: “Allah Ta’ala says: ‘What! Do you think that We created you redundant and that you will not be returned to us?’ ”

Bahlool: “Son! You appear intelligent to me. Give me some naseehat.”

Lad: “The world is moving on. Be prepared for the journey. The world will not remain everlasting for anyone. No one will remain here. This worldly life and death are for men like two swift horses. The one follows the other. O you who are infatuated with the world! Renounce the world and prepare for the journey.”

The boy raised his head to the heaven and cried much. Tears were cascading down his cheeks like so many pearls. He recited some verses of Divine Love and fell down unconscious. Bahlool cradled his head in his lap and wiped the dust from his face. When the lad opened his eyes, Bahlool said: “Son what has happened to you? You are still sinless.”

Lad: “Bahlool! Leave me! I have seen my mother kindle a fire. As long as she does not add small twigs and blades of dry grass the firewood does not ignite. I fear that I may be used as twigs to ignite the fuel of Jahannum.”

Bahlool: “Son, you are indeed intelligent. Give me some more naseehat.”

Lad: “Alas! I have stayed in neglect. Maut is following me. If not today, then tomorrow. The departure is certain. Of what benefit is to conceal one’s body in fine and beautiful raiments. Finally this body will decay and be transformed into sand. The bedding in the grave is sand. Alas! All beauty will disappear with death. No signs of flesh and skin will remain on the bones. Alas! Life has passed and no goals has been achieved nor do I have any provision for the journey. I shall be ushered into the Court of The Divine King with sins loaded on me. On earth I sinned under the cover of a thousand veils, but on the Day of Qiyaamah, all veils will be lifted. Everything is manifest to the Knower of the Unseen. Do we sin on earth fearless of Allah’s Wrath, or do we sin leaning on His toleration and forgiveness? He is the Most Merciful. If He wishes He will punish and forgive purely out of His Mercy and Kindness.”

Bahlool: “After the lad completed his lecture, I fell down unconscious. After regaining consciousness, I searched for the lad, but in vain. When I asked the other children, they said: ‘Do you know that he is the offspring of Sayyidunah Husain Bin Ali Bin Abi Taalib (radhiyallahu anhum). ’ ”

Bahlool said: “I was indeed surprised. No wonder! He was the fruit of such a noble and wonderful tree.”

— From Orchards of Love