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islam best religion

(1) If Pakistan had won the match, then the Muslim youth, who are already far from the Islam will indulge in sins. Liquor consumption, dancing, singing, chanting abusive slogans etc. will arise, which are strictly prohibited in Islam. Allah doesn’t want Ummat-E-Muhammadiya to be indulged in sins which will lay them on the path of Hell. The above said sins were witnessed in India which was committed by Hindus. So Allah loves us. He doesn’t want Muslim youth to commit these sins.

(2) A lot of spectators invested money in betting against theirs favorites. If Pakistan had won the match, the Muslim youth who invested truckload of money on the match will get  their booty and indulge in committing sins  & will concrete their faith and interest in betting which is against the Sharia’h of Islam. As Pakistan lost, all the Muslims suffered loss and will think twice again to bet on another Match, thus saved from Haraam money. So Allah SWT loves us as He doesn’t want the Muslim Ummah to be the fuel of Hell.

(3) Islam teaches peace. If Pakistan had won the match, then the Muslims of India will erupt in enjoyment and will start to pester already shattered Hindus. This will take the shape of violence and clashes. As usual Muslims will suffer loss of life as well of wealth and Communal harmony will fall apart, tensions will arise in the Ummah. So Allah SWT loves us as He doesn’t want Muslim Ummah to suffer from the Unjust Oppressors, who are already facing tough times from Kuffars as well as near & dear ones.

Don’t conjoin sports with Religion.

As the enjoyment of the sports is Temporary.

But the reward of Religion is ETERNAL…………………………………………………

As you have witnessed the feelings of losing a match, make this feeling when you miss the Salah.

Love Allah. Love Muhammad. Love Islam