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Hazrat Dr. Abdul Hai Sahib rahimahullah used to tell us that to act upon the Sunnah carries reward so generously that they may be compared to a windfall. If you make the intention to comply with all the acts of Sunnah involved in a single act, you shall reap the benefits of all these sunnah acts. For example, when going to drink water, make the intention to drink it in three breaths, to remove the glass away from your mouth on each breath and so on. Here you reap the reward for two Sunnah acts only in one act, along with the spiritual lights and blessings attached therewith. By acting upon the Sunnah a man becomes a beloved of Allah. So you to shall receive this divine love. Why should one not earn such benefits and blessings by bestowing a little care and attention on these easy acts of Sunnah?


Taken from Islamic Way of Life by Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani hafidullah