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islam_seven_thingsA saint once said that a person’s actions are worthless if he does seven things without doing another seven.

These are:

1. He claims to fear Allah, yet he does not abstain from sin. This claim is thus futile.

2. He aspires for reward from Allah, yet he does not perform any good actions. (Although Allah can reward a person without good actions, but Allah requires that he does good).

3. He desires to do good actions, but he does not resolve to do so.

4. He prays for something, yet does not make an effort to acquire it. Only those who make an attempt will receive the guidance to attain their objective. Allah says, “We will certainly show the ways to those who strive for Us.”

5. He seeks forgiveness (with the tongue) without being remorseful (within the heart).

6. Without internal reformation, superficial actions are worthless.

7. Actions are wasted without sincerity (irrespective of the quantity).

Admonition for the Neglectful