This is a short excerpt by Shaykh ul Hadith Riyadh Ul Haq. It is from the lecture ‘Holding on to a Cinder’.

Islamic scholarship is a mercy from Allah, it enables us to earn a living, attain an education and socialise, yet as rulings arisie the scholars are there to assist. BUT people want to give Islam as less time as possible, but have the most opinions regarding it. Why is this? Try it with Law and medicine!!!

It is sad to see that as soon as people start practing, they are pressured with complex literature like the Sihah Sittah [6 authentic books of ahadith] and the Quran translation with no aid whatsoever. It is no suprise that people then go astray.

They easily dismiss Taqleed as blind following which naturally puts people of. And then have the nerve to use the sayings of the Imams against them. May Allah guide us all. But for the brothers and sisters who are on a true quest for knowledge, my channel is at your disposal, and it would be my honour if you could benefit from it.