1. Correct intention: The prime intention is of self-rectification; the purification of the soul. We should come with this intention that what is being said is a mirror and I will look at my life in the mirror of what is being said. Whatever dark spots I will notice I will clean them. We should listen to what is being said and compare it immediately with our life in order to assess whether that item is in our life or not. With the correct intention three further things are required:

2. Talab: Desire/want: this is the feeling that I have to take something away with me.

3. Ihtiyaaj: to be in need: the feeling that I am need of what is being distributed or taught.

4. Aadaab: etiquette: we should come with respect, sit with respect and observe all the etiquette of acquiring knowledge.

The need and desire should be such that one should feel that if I do not take something (and benefit) today then maybe I will not get something tomorrow. (We should come with this in mind that) today I need to get something to fulfill this spiritual hunger of mine so that if I were to die tomorrow then I will die with a clean heart. The feeling of need should be such that if I do not get what I need today then I don’t know if I will ever get it. And remember that respect is not in reality respect for the speaker, it is respect for the Qur’an and Ahadeeth.

Source : Annoor.wp