Abu Hurairah relates that one day he passed by the market place of Al-Medinah,and stood there, then said to the owners of the shops, ‘ Oh people of the market place, what has rendered you incapable? ‘

They replied, ‘ What are you referring to, Oh Abu Hurairah? ‘He said, ‘ There is the inheritance of the Prophet (peace be upon him) being distributed and you are here?will you not go there and take your share of the inheritance? ‘ They said, ‘ Where is it? ‘He replied, ‘In the Mosque.’ <!–more–>

So they raced out, altogether from the market place to receive their share and Abu Hurairah remained there waiting for their return. They came back looking disappointed. Abu Hurairah asked them what they found at the mosque.
They replied, ‘ O Abu Hurairah, when we went to the mosque, we did not find any inheritance or estate that was being distributed. ‘ Abu Hurairah Asked them what they saw at the mosque.

They recounted that they saw a group engaged in prayer and another busy in the recitation of the Quranand yet another studying what is lawful and what is un-lawful.

Then Abu Hurairah said;” Woe Unto You, For That Is The Inheritance Of Prophet Muhammad. “


Source : Engagers in Dawah. bg