1. When you open your eyes, say the following dua’:
Al’hamdu lillaahil lazi a’hyaanaa ba’damaa amaatanaa wa ilayhin nushoor
All Praise be to Allah Who gave us life after having given us death and(our) final return (on the Day of judgement) is to Him.
(Bukhaari, Aboo Daawood, Nasa’ee)

2. Immediately upon waking from sleep,
rub the face and the eyes with both hands so that the effect of sleep goes away.

3. Whenever you get up from sleep, use Miswaak.
(Musnad-e-Ahmad, Aboo Daawood)

Note: Miswaak will be used a second time during wudhu. To use Miswaak immediately upon waking from sleep is a separate Sunnah.

4. When you put on your pants (or lower garment), put your right leg in first, then the left leg. When putting on a shirt, start with the right hand and then the left. Similarly, this should be done with a vest. Likewise, the shoes; first put on the right and then the left. When you undress, then start from the left side and then the right. This is the sunnah method of undressing.

5. Before Putting one’s hands in any utensil such as a glass or bowl, wash them three times.